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Motorcycle accidents have the highest percentage of serious injury and fatalities of all accidents. Statistics show that over 77% of motorcyclists are struck in the front of their bike and only a mere 7% are struck from behind with over 80% of all motorcycle crashes resulting in injury or death.

These accidents can have devastating effects on a family so ensuring justice is served can be imperative to the future well being of that family.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – Los Angeles, California 

Inattentive Driving Often the Cause of Motorcycle Accidents. Many times drivers fail to see a motorcyclist before colliding. Motorcycle accidents often result in a high level of impact delivered directly to the body causing serious injury, permanent disability, or even death.

Did you know that an alarming 2,000 deaths occur each year as a result of motorcycle collisions? At The Law Offices of Jacobson & Associates, we handle motorcycle accident claims on a daily basis.  For many years have been helping clients and their families get the compensation they deserve. We’ll take care of the legalities so you can focus on healing.

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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle riders are at a particularly high risk of injury or even death when compared to other drivers involved in accidents.  Motorcycles can easily go unseen by other drivers and because they do not have the protections that other drivers have, they are vulnerable to catastrophic injuries, permanent disabilities and even death.

 It is imperative to establish negligence on the part of the other driver as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident.  This is a crucial factor in your ability to recover damages.

Most often, the motorcycle is not at fault for the accident. It is usually the failure of the other driver to exercise due care by way of distracted driving, left hand turns or lane changing in front of motorcycles that cause this type of accident, or in other words, the other driver’s failure to yield to the motorcyclist’s right of way.

It may be necessary to send investigators to the scene to determine the cause of the accident and if so, this will need to be done as quickly as possible. Documenting and gathering evidence from the scene such as skid marks left by the motorcycle or vehicle, traffic signs, road conditions, etc. will all help in recovering damages for your injuries.

 If possible, taking photos of the accident scene from all angles, before any vehicles have been moved, will also help the outcome in a claim for damages.We will also determine if an expert witness will be beneficial to your case.

While not every motorcycle accident case will need expert testimony, sometimes an accident reconstructionist, economist, or a physician may be able to help a jury or judge understand how the accident happened, future damages, lost wages and earning potential, injury prognosis and ongoing medical needs. Types of

InjuriesBiker’s Arm Injury – When a motorcyclist falls, the upper arm might receive the majority of the impact.  Biker’s Arm is nerve damage and paralysis of the arm caused from the initial fall off of the bike during an accident.

Broken Bones Injury – Elbows, shoulder breaks, and pelvic fractures are the most common types of broken bone injuries in a motorcycle accident.  Finger, wrist, knee, and spinal fractures are less common breaks but can lead to permanent disability or permanent loss of motion (paralysis).

Brain Damage Injury – Concussions and brain damage occur when the head violently makes contact with the inside of the helmet or the ground.  Depending on the severity of the bleeding and swelling in the brain, head injuries can lead to permanent paralysis and loss of brain function.

Motorcycle riders can reduce the risk of death by 37% percent by wearing a protective helmet.

Road Rash Injury – Road rash occurs when the body slides across the pavement. Leather jackets, reinforced denim or other thick, durable and motorcycle-specific material between the rider’s body and the cement can reduce the risk of road rash by over 50%.

Permanent Disfigurement Injury – When unprotected skin slides across the ground or makes impact with an object, the risk of permanent disfigurement arises. Over 35% percent of all motorcycle crashes result in major impact to the face, causing permanent disfigurement if the rider was not wearing a full-face protective helmet.

Common Factors in Motorcycle Accidents

Poor road maintenance, defective motorcycle components, lack of visibility to other drivers, collision avoidance, stationary objects, and inattentive drunk drivers are the most common factors in a motorcycle accident.  Despite common belief (especially in Washington State), weather is not a common factor.

Failing to break, over-breaking and lack of ability to counter-steer can leave a motorcyclist in a serious accident.Many motorcycle accident victims feel anger and depression as a result of their injuries.  Looming medical bills, loss of mobility and physical therapy sessions can leave you feeling discouraged and angry about what happened to you.  Now that you’ve found us, your stress and anxiety can be easier to manage.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated in their understanding of insurance policies and provisions, motorcycle regulations, and the need to have an investigator on the scene as soon as possible.  We help our clients get the most for their injury claims because we are extremely proficient in this practice.

Compensation and Justice You Deserve for Your Motorcycle AccidentIt is our job to asses all injuries, medical bills (surgeries, medications, etc.), physical pain, mental suffering and lost income after an accident. While we realize that sometimes no amount of money can replace your loss, we can help you recover money from insurance companies to compensate you. You are an innocent injured party and we are here to help you handle the insurance companies so you can focus on getting your life back.

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